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Truth Wizards


Like so many other things, the theory sounds better than the actual experience attests — being able to know whether someone is lying, that is. Up until recently, I believed this knack was simply another of my psychological eccentricities, some kind of perverse intuition that I could not ignore. But Professor Maureen O’Sullivan, who teaches at the University of San Francisco, found that there are certain people who nearly always recognize a falsehood when it’s told. Just like I do.

Thus far, Professor O’Sullivan has identified 31 "truth Wwzards" from across the country. These are people of completely disparate backgrounds who can spot a lie with amazing accuracy — accuracy akin to the fearsome lie detector test. O’Sullivan believes that the truth wizards excel at observing the subtle differences in body language between those who are telling the truth and those who are not. No doubt her theories are valid, but I think the truth wizards are even more exceptional than that. For those of you who have not seen The Secret or What the Bleep Do We Know?, here’s a thumbnail explanation of quantum theory: Essentially, everything in our known universe is comprised of consciousness. But through the miracle of frequency, consciousness individuates to masquerade as aardvarks and zucchinis, particles and planets. In other words, absolutely everything vibrates to its own proprietary frequency — including truth and duplicity.

While I applaud Professor O’Sullivan’s study, I must state that there’s more to my experience of lie detecting than noticing downcast eyes, or folded arms, or the usual telltale signs of lies that most mothers recognize. I experience deception as psychic cacophony — a literal disturbance in "the force." It gets complicated, though, because sometimes it’s hard to discern whether the lie is self-delusion or an out-and-out fib. Nevertheless, the lie exists as a distortion in life’s continuum, one that will surely return as a stupendous inconvenience.

There are times when brutal honesty serves no positive purpose. For example, there’s no moral imperative to tell folks that their new baby is homely, or to confide to your sister that her new slinky knit outfit makes her resemble an out-bound bus… or to belabor those times when "it" wasn’t all that good for you. No. That is kindness masquerading as honesty. We have become a culture of fibbers, though, for lies roll too easily off our collective tongues. We buy the lies — political and personal — because they allow us to ignore the discomforts of reality. It’s easier to embellish the truth than to frankly asses our not-quite-perfect circumstances. And it’s easier to turn a blind eye to cultural mendacity than it is to accept the immense challenge of confronting it. Truth is, Gentle Reader, we must confront our lies.

Ancient saints, shamans, and mystics understood the vibrational ramifications of rampant deceit. That’s why most spiritual traditions condemn bearing false witness. You see, frequencies entrain. Which means that if you strike four tuning forks of different pitches, they will all eventually entrain to match the lowest pitch. Never the highest pitch, mind you — the lowest pitch becomes the dominant frequency.

So it is with our aspirations. In my humble opinion, our dreams are like assignments from God — products or ideas that serve the greater good, as only each individual dreamer can. When we launch our dreams, they are perfect and of the highest frequency. But time and disappointment can tempt us to stretch the truth a little here and a little there, mostly to encourage ourselves or stave off the doubts of our family, team, or associates. Every time we lie, however, we decelerate the frequency of our entire project, until the lies become the dominant frequency, and we have to amp everything up again in order to make manifestation possible.

The frequency of truth is strong and unassuming. It requires no spin and tolerates no rhetoric. Truth endures and calls to account all pretenders. Thus, in business, in politics, and in our personal lives, truth is the only sensible choice for those who consciously aspire to make their dreams become reality.

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