Portable Spell?                                                                                              Captive Magic?










Enchantment in a Box?

Orgonite Art may qualify as all three. Although "orgone" is controversial and often dismissed as New Age weirdness, my own experiences have shown me otherwise.


Many years ago, my hubby and I performed an experiment with orgone energy, which I had recently encountered while researching a book. Being very private people in the midst of encroaching (shall we say) civilization, we decided to attempt an energetic "no trespassing"  barrier around our forest home. Per the internet instructions, we layered crystal shards with cut-up copper dish scrubbies in disposable muffin tins and covered the layers with ugly, brown fiberglass resin. After they cured for a couple of days, we gridded our property line with the orgones, which looked like cow patties, and the remaining crystals. 

That's when our house disappeared. Well, it disappeared from Google. My son called, laughing, one day, asked, "What the hell, Mom?" and proceeded to laugh the whole time I Googled our street map. Sure enough. You could see the new house across the road and the nearly new house to the west of us. You could also see about two feet of our driveway, but a blur occupied the space where our 30-year-old house should have been.

For the record, I have witnesses. We often used Google to direct friends to our house, so they had seen the "before orgone" images as well as the "after orgone" blur, which lasted for years. 

There's more. For years, our state battled a Pine Beetle infestation, and the Forest Service sent rangers to find and mark diseased trees so they could be properly destroyed. One day, we chatted with a ranger while he examined the trees around our home. He was surprised that many of our neighbors had infected trees, but we had none.

Obviously, I cannot prove that our primitive orgones blurred our house or kept beetles away. But since I have no other explanation, I will credit those things to orgone energy. 








Modern Alchemy


Wilhelm Reich identified and coined the name “orgone energy” during the first half of the 20th Century. According to Reich, orgone energy (also called prana or chi) exists everywhere and can be manipulated by layering crystals and metals under pressure within a closed environment. He built devices large enough to accommodate human patients and reported healing various maladies through their use. Today's incarnations of his work are generally small and decorative, although many people specialize in large models for cloudbusting, clearing, and weather applications.  Regardless of size, orgonite art balances and harmonizes the subtle energies within their environment.

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