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      Portable Spell?                                                                                              Captive Magic?










Tangible Blessing?

Orgone Art may qualify as all three. Although "orgone" is controversial and often dismissed as New Age fluff, my own experiences have convinced me otherwise.


Many years ago, my hubby and I performed an experiment with orgone energy, which I learned about while researching my first novel. Being very private people living on the edge of encroaching civilization, we decided to create an energetic "no trespassing" barrier around our forest home. Per the internet instructions, we layered quartz crystal shards with cut-up copper dish scrubbies in disposable muffin tins then covered the layers with fiberglass resin. After they cured, we gridded our property line with the orgones and the remaining crystals. 

That's when our house disappeared. Well, it disappeared from Google. My son called one day, laughing, and asked, "What the hell, Mom?" then continued laughing the whole time I Googled our street map. Sure enough, you could see the new house across the road and the nearly new house to the west of us. You could also see about two feet of our driveway, but a blur occupied the space where our 30-year-old house should have been.

I have witnesses, too. We often used Google to direct friends to our house, and many saw the "before orgone" images as well as the "after orgone" blur. 

There's more. At that time, Colorado was mounting a pitched battle against pine beetles, and the Forest Service sent rangers to find and mark diseased trees so they could be properly destroyed. One day, we chatted with a ranger while he examined the trees around our home. He was surprised that so many of our neighbors had infected trees, but we had none.

Obviously, I cannot prove that our primitive orgones blurred our house or kept the beetles at bay. But since I have no other explanation, I will credit those things to orgone energy. 









Modern Alchemy

Since the beginning of time, mystics have sought ways to affect weather, heal sickness, and attract abundance. They attempted to direct energy using whatever they could find, including stones and metal. Over the centuries, they learned that the stones and metals could, indeed, influence other objects, and they passed down what they learned about the different effects of those materials. Even the bible references stones and their uses. Modern technology would not exist without them.  Enter Wilhelm Reich.  

Wilhelm Reich identified and coined the name “orgone energy” shortly after World War II. According to Reich, orgone energy (also called prana or chi) exists everywhere and can be manipulated by layering crystals and metals under pressure within a closed environment. He built devices large enough to accommodate human patients and reported healing various maladies through their use. But much like Nikola Tesla, Reich challenged traditional channels of wealth and success and died in prison in 1957. Fortunately, his work survived and is the subject of renewed interest and modern research.

Today's orgone devices are usually small and decorative, although a few people specialize in large models for cloudbusting, energy clearing, and weather applications. The smaller orgones are created by layering different metals and crystals in polyester or epoxy resin. As the resin cures, it shrinks, squeezing the metals and crystals to generate orgone energy. This lovely, functional art is believed to balance and harmonize the subtle energies within the environment, just like ancient mystics sought to do. 

Personal Wearable Vortex

Wearable orgone pieces create subtle vortices of personalized energy. An orgone pendant can provide a lift or a calming effect depending upon the stones and metals used in its creation. Many orgone artists design customizable, interactive talismans to benefit the wearer. 

For example, the pendant pictured below features specific stones, metals, and symbols to achieve the results described:

"A Silver Crescent Moon (Aluminum) is the focal point of this pendant. Aluminum provides protective energy that some folks liken to an invisibility cloak that deflects negativity. It also enhances mental abilities such as intellect and telepathy. The Crescent Moon is a sign of fertility (think creativity as well as reproduction) and is symbolic of life and death, ebb and flow, femininity, and the cycles of life.










Peridot surrounds the moon with powerful, cleansing energy. It helps release and neutralize toxins as well as alleviating jealousy, bitterness, and spite. It opens our hearts to joy and confidence. Peridot also helps eliminate lethargy and apathy as it enhances creativity and eloquence. Peridot is often described as delivering delightful energy.


The Stainless Steel Beads encircling the stones are tiny spheres of spiritual armor. Despite their size, they can defend against psychic attacks, extreme negativity, or anything that sucks at your life force or peace of mind. They also enhance energy and mental agility, while helping to detoxify the body. 


This peridot pendant feels like champaign. 


P.S. You can flip this pendant to summon either waxing or waning moon energy."


Plants Love Orgones

I have always loved house plants and have gardened for most of my life. To be honest, though, I do not baby my plants. They get watered once a week, repotted when absolutely necessary, and fed when I remember to do so. I love them but they mostly do okay in spite of my semi-neglect. They benefit greatly from the abundant light they get here, but I honestly credit my jungle to orgone energy. 


As with the care and feeding of my plants, I did not go to any extremes with the orgones they enjoy. Orgone art comes after a steep learning curve that's littered with many disappointments. Rather than tossing my spectacular failures, I hid them in my plant pots. 











The venerable avocado tree in the upper left corner is about forty-three years old and is just ending a growth spurt. The dieffenbachia plant near the lower-left corner is about four years old and was only 2 1/2 feet tall when I got it. I split it into two plants the day before I took this photo. Every plant in my house, even those in low light, are growing with surprising speed. Since I have not changed my standard of care for them, I must assume that they thrive on orgone energy.

But Do Orgones Really Work?

An internet search will undoubtedly turn up countless articles debunking all things orgone. That same search will also turn up countless testimonials from people who firmly believe that orgone energy enhances their lives. Until serious research either confirms or discredits orgone energy we are left with a mystery.













Even so, it's hard to deny that there's a certain glamour to orgone art. The glimmer of the stones, the swirl of the coils, the sacred symbols, and the refracted light create some captive magic.


And couldn't we all use a little more of that?

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