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What Early Readers are saying about Boann's Daughters




“KITTY!! I just finished it...OMG. It was Awesome...I read straight through...I was so sad to see it end and I can't wait for the new one...” — Alaia Leighland


First, I loved the story!  It pulled me in, made me cry in places, had me always wanting to know what happened next, inspired me, reminded me of truths I want to live more clearly.” — Lynn Ward


Thank you for a great read!  I finished this morning...great way to start the new year!  It was full and rich and I was easily able to follow the story which drew me in. — Kimberly Bartlett


“Remarkable.  I can see and taste and feel this enchanting world and all of its creatures around me.  Kitty Connell has a true gift that allows one to transcend worlds. I can feel the magic of the earth, its whispers, its ancient love, and the purity of that magic in her words.” — Jane Crosbie


“Bravo! I couldn’t put it down. It was brilliant, powerful, magical, and thought provoking. I laughed, I cried, and I felt like the messages were written just for me.” — Kim Ketellapper


Kitty Roxanna Connell has an uncanny ability to describe each scene in a way that leaves one almost breathless in anticipation of what is coming next; an ability of pulling you in and enveloping you in a way that only an old favourite quilt (along with a nice cup of tea), might do.


I absolutely loved this book - my suggestion is to get as cozy as you can and just dive right in to Boann's Daughters. Beware, however, as you'll have a difficult time tearing yourself away as the profound messages, themselves, found throughout are staggering and will definitely leave you pondering the bigger questions in life - seriously.

 — Maricel Piercey, CHt, QTP

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