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"Kitty R. Connell's lush descriptions and delicious prose make Lorcan's Bane a joy to read. Her riveting plot and vivid characters make it a book to remember."

                                                                            — Joan Gustafson, International Speaker & Author


"Lorcan's Bane is a poetic, powerful adventure that pits love against fear for the soul of womankind."

    — Jill Lublin, International Speaker & Bestselling Author


"Lorcan's Bane has brushed away the cobwebs that held me bound to a life that was less than I was meant for on this earth. It is time for women everywhere to claim their rightful power and heal the world. Read this book and let Mirren inspire you to the greatness you were meant to have and pass on to all generations of women." — Kathleen O'Bannon, CNC & Author


"…quite finely constructed stuff."  — Prof. Glen Ponce


"…the new Mists of Avalon." — Kathryn Alexander, Author and Speaker



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