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Writing Samples

Below are five short writing samples. Two are from my blog, one is from my webpage about orgonite art, and the other two are from my award-winning novel, "Lorcan's Bane". I have also done extensive writing that includes user manuals, annual and quarterly reports, and investor materials. I hope you enjoy my work. 

Number 1: Conscious Consumerism

Remember that old commercial featuring the predictably perfect young woman in her positively perfect kitchen with her looks-like-a-nice-guy husband and a couple of really cute kids? She pleasantly declares that the mild case of flu they thought they had last week might actually have been food poisoning. She then breezily explains that now that she knows you can get e. coli or salmonella from meat and chicken, she can protect her family by performing something akin to a surgical scrub with this new anti-bacterial product. And, she vows, she will perform this ritual any time she handles meat, chicken, or anything that may have come in contact with the aforementioned hazards. 


The thing I find most disturbing about the commercial is her nonchalant acceptance of our American food suppliers’ “Let them eat feces” attitude. 


There's another old spot that shows two women giddily discovering a new cleaner to get the “stuff” off their broccoli. They never once question why the stuff is on their broccoli in the first place— stuff that Nature didn’t put there. They simply accept that this stuff isn’t really good for them and find redemption in a bottle of new stuff that gets the other stuff off. 


Color me simplistic, but wouldn’t it be easier and healthier to maintain decent standards of raising, feeding, and (if you must), slaughtering animals for food? And wouldn’t it be easier to never apply the stuff-that-must-be-removed to the broccoli? Am I alone in my disgust that food packages now carry warning labels? 


How on Earth did this situation become, in any way, acceptable?


Number 2: Gender Equality

Stories shape our cultures, and we’ve reached a pivotal point in human history that begs for new archetypes and fresh examples. Our world needs stories of personal adventure and courage that inspire individual growth. We need tales that spur our genius and open our hearts. Above all, we need to learn how to see each other as brothers and sisters. 


When we tell new stories about joyous and healthy relationships between equals, we lay the groundwork for a new reality—a reality that favors everyone. When we come together as creative equals, we envision new politics and new business models that serve life, itself. 


I am passionate about fiction and believe it has great power to positively guide our world. Rather than writing traditional boy-saves-girl stories, I write girl-saves-herself stories, so that when she meets her perfect other, they can become gloriously more than the sum of their parts. I write modern allegories to help us collectively envision a world in which all of life is sacred, the human spirit is noble, and compassion is humanity’s highest expression. 


“Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man.” ~ Margaret Mead 

Number 3: Orgone Art

Since the beginning of time, mystics have sought ways to affect weather, heal sickness, and attract abundance. They attempted to direct energy using whatever they could find, including stones and metal. Over the centuries, they learned that the stones and metals could, indeed, influence other objects, and they passed down what they learned about the different effects of those materials. Even the bible references stones and their uses. Modern technology would not exist without them.  Enter Wilhelm Reich.  

Wilhelm Reich identified and coined the name “orgone energy” shortly after World War II. According to Reich, orgone energy (also called prana or chi) exists everywhere and can be manipulated by layering crystals and metals under pressure within a closed environment. He built devices large enough to accommodate human patients and reported healing various maladies through their use. But much like Nikola Tesla, Reich challenged traditional channels of wealth and success and died in prison in 1957. Fortunately, his work survived and is the subject of renewed interest and modern research.

Today's orgone devices are usually small and decorative, although a few people specialize in large models for cloud-busting, energy clearing, and weather applications. The smaller orgones are created by layering different metals and crystals in polyester or epoxy resin. As the resin cures, it shrinks, squeezing the metals and crystals to generate orgone energy. This lovely, functional art is believed to balance and harmonize the subtle energies within the environment, just like ancient mystics sought to do. 

Number 4: Future Dream

The sacredness of Brideswell alone should have granted me pleasant dreams, for the whole valley floated in an air of serenity, and the souls of those who had worshipped there over the ages still lingered.


Instead of whispers from the wise, my dream began with the keening of a hundred generations of women. They wept for their children. They wept for their Mother. They wept for themselves. And their cries reached back to their ancestors—to me—to return a forgotten pattern to the Great Loom, to help them reclaim their magic.


“See,” they told me and showed me a husk of a world. Steeples and chimneys and towers to vainglory drained the life force from Earth and spewed it into soiled skies. Over the whole of the world, forests fought for survival and lost. Lushness turned to barrenness. Animals vanished, and the seas were putrid with man-made waste. Everywhere the telltale taint of misspent virility poisoned the earth, the air, the water, and the very spark of life. The devas had long since gone underground and the faeries with them. For a world devoid of nurturing is not long habitable for the lighter expressions of God.


So, the women wept. Bereft of any potency of their own, they wept and bore their children into dim futures. They sent their sons to senseless wars and raised their daughters to be hollow until filled with some man’s opinion. Worst of all, their only avenues to God were paved with that same misspent virility and the corpses of exasperating women like me.

Number 5: The Cosmic Scale

All was dark, as dark as the dryad’s eyes. And lifeless. Not dead, for that presupposes an occurrence of life. There, life was as yet unimagined. I sensed, as one may do in dreams, that “time” was a word without meaning—that in that lightless, lifeless space, such a concept could not exist. Thus, I sat there for eons or moments, I know not.


Finally, a tiny flicker pierced the void, and light dawned like an idea. At first it was tentative, then it grew bold and erupted in hot satisfaction. Soon the flame consumed the sky and created the air, and the two allied to become the god. And he burned so brightly that I had to look away from all that fire and wind—all that frenzied inspiration.


Still no life existed—only the thought of it.


Then quietly, the goddess called herself into being—a voluptuous vessel of earth and water, sensuality and compassion. She offered substance to the god’s thoughts and a womb to gestate ideas into flesh, for she alone knew the alchemy to transform the chaos of idle fantasy into the flesh and bone of life.


My dreaming mind soared away, and the scene grew small and strange. The god spun himself into a fiery ball that roiled and floated into one cup of a weighbeam. Then the goddess wound herself into a blue-green bauble and rolled into the cup on the opposite side.


Imagine my horror to see myself standing between them—the balance-point of the cosmic scale.

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